Will we soon start paying for movies in grams? What is the next cinema invention?

Will we soon start paying for movies in grams? What is the next cinema invention?

I remember the scenes from American movies when people went to open-air cinemas. Giant screen, sitting on the ground, all in a circle like a small community. It was a kind of ritual. New movie is released, youths get ecstatic to spend a night out cuddled with their beloved ones, watching an eagerly awaited latest movie starring few, but legendary film stars. It was such an invention! There are still such outdoor cinemas, but they lost much of their charm.

open air cinema

Technology and film industry led to opening big cinemas. It soon became a trend to spend your pocket money on a cinema ticket, box of popcorns and Coca-Cola. Instead of bringing a blanket to sit on the cold ground, audience could now enjoy in comfortable chairs, not catching cold. At the time it seemed that nothing more could be invented.

Technological revolution at its peak!

Not the case! The beginning of 21st century saw incredible improvements in film graphics, animation and special effects. Every now and then there is a must-see blockbuster. You may wait for it to be broadcasted on TV, but it’s much better to watch it in a cutting-edge cinema. Small rooms, with dozens not hundreds seats as before, cozy atmosphere, incredible sound and visual effects. Worth every penny!

It was hard to imagine what more you could get from the pictures. What to expect more? And, cinemas lost some of their popularity. There are so many movies on TV. So many online. Why pay for a cinema ticket when you can enjoy the same from the comfort of your home, on your big, incredibly big TV screen.

But no, it’s not the end. Filmmakers started shooting movies with so many special effects. Animated characters look almost real. If you decide to watch 3D version, you feel like you are there, in the setting. There’s no point watching them on a “single” plasma or LED TV. On the other hand, cinemas or now cinema chains started offering “special” services as well. You can get a back massage. You can choose from a wide selection of foods and drinks. You can celebrate your birthday with a cake provided. Get additional animation. Whatever you can think of.

Finally, with so many scenes changing so quickly, it’s hard to remember what you’ve watched. You pay per minute. Longer the movie, more you pay.

Now, it’s harder than ever to think of the next step. Will we soon pay for the “weight” of a movie or its quality? Or both? Or it doesn’t matter as long as they provide you with Jacuzzi and cocktails in addition to latest blockbuster.