To All Men who Want a Woman.


To seduce a woman, you must be patient with her.

Do not rush her.

Getting a woman to open up to you is like watching a butterfly hatch from its cocoon. First, an antenna breaks free. Her body becomes exposed to the world, yet she is still curled up into herself—shy with her beauty.

Wing by wing, she slowly expands and stays in her expansion, without exploration. In due time, she gathers the intuition and bravery that lives in her spine to fly free.

Pay attention to her process. Pay attention to the subtle energies of the woman you are wanting.

Is she laughing nervously, looking around for a way out? Is she in a state of relaxed enjoyment?

Did she ask you to kiss her?

Did you ask to kiss her?

Being a gentleman goes beyond opening doors and buying her coffee. Being a gentleman is about recognizing that to a woman, you are the ultimate threat. She has been trained to fear you since she was first catcalled at age nine.

You must show her a gentleness and a respect that is unparalleled. Let her initiate any physical intimacy. If you want to initiate, ask first. The gentlest kiss on the cheek can go from sweet to sour if unwanted.

If you are lucky enough to become intimate with this beautiful woman, call her the next day. I don’t care what anyone says. Call her.

Tell her, with all honesty, how it felt to be witness to the grace between her thighs. Wear her heart proudly on your sleeve.

To seduce a woman, you must be kind. You must speak not to her body but to her heart and mind. Too often, chivalry gets thrown out the window for the belief that men deserve access to a woman’s field.

Let me be clear: if she does not lean in as you do, she is not interested.

If there is a flicker of doubt in your mind, do not make a move until she does. As a woman, unwanted attention feels like walking through a dark tunnel at night with no light to guide you.

I believe that there is a place for fun, physical, one-off romance if done in a consensual way—but consent is key. Both individuals must be aware of what they are doing, and they must share the same intention in their connection.

If you see a beautiful woman, you may look. You may smile. But do so from your heart. Do so from genuine kindness and awe of her light.

Do not carelessly throw your sexual energy at each woman who blinds you. Her light is not yours to take.

Women are not here for you. Women are here to be teachers of and leaders for enlightened men. They are here to walk shoulder to shoulder with the masculine aspects of this world. They are here to show you what it means to walk from your gut in integrity. They are here to give you the wisdom that exists in their feminine spirit, should you be so lucky.

It is our responsibility as women to stand our ground. To dig our heels into the ground of our worth. To call out the men who raise fear in the hairs of our skin.

There is no time or place in which sexual harassment is okay. Catcalling is not okay. Unasked grabbing, touching, or cornering is not okay.

When we have the opportunity to be strong, we must be. We must not be careless in passing up a moment to educate a fellow human being on what is kind and what is disrespectful. We must not be afraid and speak up in the moments in which we are not okay.

Women are anything but weak, and we must not let the smallness of male aggression trick us into thinking otherwise.

More than anything, if you get the chance to love her, make her feel safe in your love. Be brave enough to love her with your whole heart.

If you don’t intend to know the beauty of the lioness that lives in her heart, let her go. Let her go so that she can experience the roar that lies deep within her.

Remember, dear men, women are not here for your play and pleasure. Women are not here for your wanting. Women are here to show you all that you are missing.

Honour the one who walks near you—for she is the whole universe in self-expression