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Two traits in men that can’t be tolerated and make successful relationships impossible

Two traits in men that can't be tolerated and make successful relationships impossible

Relationships are complex, particularly love ones. There are so many factors that add up to a successful relationship. There are also certain qualities which are generally welcomed in partners, especially spouses. However, there are also traits that can’t be tolerated if you want to feel safe and secure in the long run. Here I refer to men.

Of all things that one may consider destructive for a healthy relation, the lack of sense for the following two are particularly disturbing and signal for alarm!

The LACK of jealousy!

Yes, you’ve read well. Jealousy is generally highly unwelcomed and leads to final breakdown, if it’s constant and can’t be controlled. It reflects insecurity of a possessive partner and makes the other partner behave differently just to assure and justify themselves that there’s no reason for jealousy. Eventually it makes us tired of trying to convince our partners in our true and sincere emotions and we have an urge to flee. It was the case with me.

BUT if there’s is no jealously at all, ever, it’s a signal that something is terribly wrong with your man or your relationship. Every now and then you should feel that uneasy feeling in your man, when you get a compliment from other handsome man or when other males admire you. I don’t mean making scenes, but a little frantic facial expression. It’s quite normal and it’s cute. Very cute. Oh, if you meet your ex, that’s a treat. There’s no way that your partner can stay as cool as a cucumber. Just look into his eyes.

This shows that your partner is aware of your charm and influence on other men. He is aware of the fact that you can inspire other males the way you inspired him. THIS is a sign that he cares about you. This is a sign that he is a healthy individual who is able to have emotions.

SO, if your male partner never expresses any such gesture, then he’s not really fond of you or he’s not able to genuinely love and care.

The LACK of sense to provide!

Oh, this is terrible and frustrating. Nowadays almost all women provide for family and try hard to contribute to family finances. In such society a man who has no responsibility to make money and support family is a disturbed person, if you ask me. Many would say that it’s women’s fault. I have heard it many times. You have fought for independence, financial security and career prospects, so why do you complain now?!” It might make sense to a certain extent. However, it can’t serve as an excuse for the lack  of responsibility and professional ambition so inherent in real men.

What kind of man can sit and wait at home for his female partner to come home from work? Even if he comes from a wealthy family and doesn’t lack financial security, how can he do nothing? IT’s hard to regard such person as a stable and supportive husband.

So, next time you have that gut feeling that something is wrong with your relationship, think of these two things. THEY might help you solve the puzzle whether to tie the knot with that guy or not.